Established in 1949, Shaffer & Nelson Inc. has strived to be a leader in servicing the electrical market in the Pacific Northwest. Through the effort of partnering with leading manufacturers and distributors, they are one of the top performers in the market today. Now in a third generation of ownership, the company continues to grow and provide value to the customers they serve.

Our Mission

To provide the best level of sales and service support for our customers:

The Manufacturer

The Distributor

The Engineer

The End User

while maintaining a high level of professionalism and business ethics. And by this, we will strive to help our employees become valuable contributors to their family and the community.

We are associated with the sale and marketing of pull through products. These products are Electro/Mechanical in design, targeted for the Electrical Wholesale markets and capable of being differentiated from the competition. Through the planned development of this group of products, we can be of significant value to our customers.

Manufacturers we represent

Shaffer & Nelson, Inc. represents manufacturers who serve Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska

* We stock in Tualatin OR